High lights of MADIPHA work

Since its inception in 2009, MADIPHA has been engaged in mobilizing and creating awareness on HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services among PWDs and their family members through Music dance and drama, community sensitization meetings, home visits, radio talks, dialogue meetings and peer to peer engagements. This led to formation of legitimate district associations in four districts of operations.

MADIPHA has partnered with major HIV service organizations like TASO, Rakai Health Science Program and District Local Governments i.e. Masaka, Lwengo, Bukomansimbi and Kalungu through memorandum of understanding (MOU) to facilitate linkage of PWDs to access HIV services; involving them in service delivery including peer counseling and encouraging others to come for treatment. PWDs are further represented on different foras client’s councils.

Similarly, MADIPHA conducted joint outreaches for HCT with different HIV service providers targeting PWDs and their family members. Among the Service Providers included; TASO Masaka, Uganda cares, Kitabazi Health centre, Kyanamukaaka Health Centre IV, Buwunga Health centre III, Bukoto Health Centre III, Kinoni Health centre III, Kiwangala Health Centre IV, and Kitanda Health Centre III in Masaka , Lwengo and Bukomansimbi Districts respectively. This enabled the service providers to appreciate the needs and challenges of PWDs in regard to access to HIV services and 2, 753 were served.

MADIPHA has a team of seven trained PWDs peer counselors, helping in conducting community sensitization and awareness rising in regard to HIV/AIDS and disability information targeting PWDs with in their communities. They further conduct home visits, follow ups, referrals and make clinical appointments to support PWDs with challenges of HIV treatment adherences. The peer educators/ counselors were attached to various HIV service centres such as TASO Masaka, Malongo Health centre III, Kyazanga Health III, Bukoto Health Centre III, Kyanamukaaka Health Centre IV to provide counseling support to PWDs seeking for HIV services.

MADIPHA supports households of PWDs living with HIV&AIDS to participate in livelihood project activities as one way of increasing household incomes. In order to contribute to that, Key achievements have been noticeable in the area of community engagement, supporting households of People with Disabilities in livelihoods. Over 109 households of PWDs living positively have been supported, and are now able to afford basic needs including affording recommended nutrition for ART and transport to health facilities to get their treatment coupled with paying school fees for their children.

We have established strong democratic governance organizational structures provide members with the opportunity to participate in deciding the strategies they feel are most appropriate for championing their rights. This provides motivation to the members to engage in the human rights campaigns initiated by the organization.

Recognition by local government increases legitimacy of the organization of persons with disabilities and increases the chance for PWDs living with HIV/AIDS to be consulted by the local government in program formulation and review, and chances of members of the organization to benefit from government programs like those on livelihoods which complement human rights enjoyment.

The partnerships provide entry points for the leadership of MADIPHA to influence the policies and programs of collaborating with organizations with the view of promoting strategies for the right to equitable access to their services by persons with disabilities living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. There are new projects aiming at streamlining the response to TB and sexual violence and sexual reproductive health rights among PWDs with a critical focus on girls and women with disabilities.